Universal Disc Player


Universal Disc Player




  • Gold Award at the 2nd HiVi
    Grand Prix*1 1986



Beautifully refined the image created by the LaserDisc

  • The 420 TV lines clearly depict the finest details, while the 48 dB video S/N ratio creates a clear vision with reduced noise
  • The Accu-Focus System significantly reduces distortion in the RF signal’s high frequencies which had been a drawback to high-quality video reproduction


The potentials of digital sound further expanded

  • Clear reproduction of the digital high-frequency sound with the 4 x Oversampling Digital Filter
  • Twin D/A Converters create sound with excellent linearity across the frequency range with little distortion

*1 HiVi Grand Prixwas created by Stereo Sound Publishing, Inc. (Japan) to select the leading AV products of the year. The selection committee consists of seven members including active AV critics and the editorial staff of the “Stereo Sound” magazine.


  • Gold Award at the 5th HiVi
    Grand Prix 1989



The richness of the image achieved with the unprecedented high video S/N ratio

  • Every detail exhaustively depicted with 425 TV lines, and the unprecedentedly high 52 dB video S/N ratio
  • The New Accu-Focus System, evolved from the LD-S1’s Accu-Focus technology, acquires RF signals in higher purity
  • The Digital Processing System provides an even more precise video expression


The in-depth sound realized with the highly-precise D/A conversion

  • 8 x Oversampling Digital Filter featuring high-precision LSI
  • Jitter Canceller Circuit eliminates the most minute jitter to achieve pure reproduction of audio signals


  • Technology Development Award
    at the Video Grand Prix*2 1993



Breathtaking beauty realized by high-quality video reproduction with the MUSE format

  • Supports MUSE format—used for analog HDTV broadcast—which records HD audio and video signals on disc
  • Full Digital Processing System capable of high-definition and high-resolution video playback from Hi-Vision LaserDiscs


Impressive musicality created by the vigorous pursuit for the original sound

  • Audio circuits realize high-quality sound to complement high-definition video
  • Legato Link Conversion enables over 20 kHz digital audio reproduction on LaserDisc

*2 The award was created by Ongen PublishingCo.,Ltd. (Japan) for the development of the home entertainment industry with focus on sound and vision. From among domestic and imported digital home entertainment AV products sold in Japan, those with excellent performance, technology, and concept are selected each year.


  • Gold Award at the 10th HiVi
    Grand Prix 1995
  • Technology Development Award
    at the Video Grand Prix 1995



Picture quality equivalent of digital source achieved through digital processing of analog source

  • 3D Digital Video Processing System creates stunningly beautiful image with advanced digital signal processing
  • Super Accu-Focus Short-Wavelength Pickup enables playback compatible with Hi-Vision LaserDisc


Enhanced clock precision and ultimate chassis rigidity

  • Audio Clock Reference Circuit fundamentally eliminates minute jitter element
  • Independently structured low-impedance power supply for D/A converter provides exhaustive stability




Faithful reproduction of the original video for both Hi-Vision and NTSC

  • High Resolution 3D Y/C Separation Filter significantly reduces cross color by conducting 3D processing on most parts of the image that include moving pictures
  • High-quality composite output with original 3D VNR Circuit


Ultimate sophistication in pursuit of an acoustic field rich with emotion

  • Audio Clock Reference Circuit fundamentally solves even the slightest jitter
  • Hi-bit Technology re-quantizes even the most minute signal regardless of format
  • Equipped with Dolby Digital (AC-3) RF Output Terminal for the output of Dolby Digital audio




Quality-video technology inherited from the HLD-X0 presented on DVD

  • Faithful reproduction of the original image, accurate transmission of the signals, and reduced noise with Video Image Realizing
  • Extremely high noise-detection performance of the Component Frame DNR offers high-resolution reproduction without loss of original picture quality
  • Hi-Accuracy 10-bit/27 MHz Video Processor and DAC reproduce ever so realistic images beyond DVD video format


DVD full-spec reproduction with quality sound design inherited from pure audio expertise

  • Full-spec reproduction of DVD video and CD sound with the 96 kHz/24-bit Multi-bit D/A Converter
  • Hi-bit Legato Link Conversion S with advanced audio technology derived from high-grade audio components


  • Gold Award at the 15th
    HiVi Grand Prix 1999
  • Gold Award at the
    Visual Grand Prix 1999
  • Gold Prize at Audio
    Excellence Award*3 2000



Advanced Progressive-Scan brings out the best of DVD video

  • The 2-3 Pull-Down Pure Cinema Progressive Scan Circuit and the Motion Ready Type Processing Circuit brings out the essence of DVD video
  • Extremely precise noise reduction with VQE3 Video Quality Enhancer
  • The newly developed high-quality picture circuit Component Frame DNR PRO effectively detects noise


Fully compatible with DVD-Audio/DVD video/SACD for quality audio playback

  • 192 kHz/24-bit D/A Converter brings out the best from DVD-Audio’s high-sampling format
  • Digital Filter for 192 kHz/24-bit effectively reproduces the high sampling 192 kHz/24-bit of DVD-Audio
  • Pure Audio Clock automatically switches between two crystal oscillators according to the sampling frequency of the playing disc

*3 The award was established in 1978 by Ongen PublishingCo.,Ltd. (Japan) to promote audio culture and activate the market. The aim is to select a true masterpiece with outstanding performance, innovative content, and audiophile qualities; those likely to become a long-seller, from among the pure audio components produced each year. For a fair selection, the juries include audio critics with technological insight, as well as market product experts from the distribution side—a distinctive feature of this award.




Compatible with 10-bit full-digital transmission of DVD video signals

  • 10-bit full-digital video processing by the original Digital Direct Pixel Drive technology
  • Quality picture with digital transmission of video signals via HDMI® Digital Interface
  • VQE9 high-quality picture LSI reproduces images in the highest resolution


Full-digital transmission of DVD-Audio and SACD signals

  • Quality sound tuning by AIR Studios, the world-renowned recording studio
  • i.Link Digital Interface for direct transfer of high-grade audio sources


  • Gold Award at the 24th
    HiVi Grand Prix 2008
  • Gold Award at the Visual
    Grand Prix 2009, 2009
    Summer, and 2011



Reproduction of every detail and quality video signals from Blu-ray Discs

  • 16-bit Adaptive Bit Expansion Processing minimizes noise, realizing faithful reproduction of minute signals regardless of disc format
  • World’s first Blu-ray Disc player to allow 1080/24p output for commercially-sold DVDs and recorded HD movie content with Advanced 1080/24p Direct Output
  • Supports 48-bit Deep Color and “x.v.Color” to provide detailed color reproduction of HD video on a compatible display


Exhaustive reproduction of the Blu-ray Disc’s delicate and high-grade sound

  • Dual HDMI® Output allows higher-grade separate digital transmission of audio and video signals
  • PQLS (Precision Quartz Lock System) enables pure jitter-free transmission of digital audio via HDMI® for quality CD audio
  • Wolfson D/A Converter WM8740 featuring sound quality approved by professional sound engineers


  • Gold Award at the 30th HiVi
    Grand Prix 2014
  • Reviewers’ Award at the Visual
    Grand Prix 2015
  • Gold Award at the Visual
    Grand Prix 2015, 2015 Summer,
    2017, 2017 Summer, and 2018
  • Gold Award at the Home
    Theater Grand Prix 2017



Unparalleled expertise for quality pictures, taking ultra-high-resolution to the limit

  • Main circuit design to achieve high S/N ratio
  • Supports all 4K video specifications of HDMI® 2.0
  • Natural expression of rich and emotional video that depict ultra- high-resolution and true-to-life images


Expertise for quality sound conveys the finest details including ambience

  • Highly precise D/A conversion brings out the maximum performance of ESS’s flagship DAC, ES9018S
  • Large-capacity power supply transformer with excellent instantaneous current performance
  • Precision Audio reduces jitter in analog audio output